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Harris Seeds has been a leading supplier of the finest quality commercial and home garden vegetable seeds since 1879. A full in-house seed germination lab, managed by a registered seed technician, ensures that our high quality standards are met on every lot of seed we offer. Buy vegetable seeds online or from our Vegetable & Cut Flower Growers Catalog, and be confident you are growing the highest quality seeds for the top performing vegetable varieties. We are well known in the industry for our extensive selection of pumpkin seeds, sweet corn seeds, squash seeds, tomato seeds, and much more. Choose from a vast selection of treated, untreated, organic, heirloom, and open-pollinated seeds. Many of our vegetable varieties have impressive disease resistance. Do you grow vegetables for your own garden bed or container garden, or do you sell produce at a farm/roadside stand or farmers' market? Look no further... Find out why both professional growers and home gardeners come back to Harris Seeds year after year.

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You will find a broad selection of treated, untreated and organic vegetable seed varieties in our catalog and on our website. When you choose Harris Seeds, you are starting with the very best. Buy the best vegetable seeds online in the U.S.

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At Harris Seeds, we provide the best selection of vegetable seeds for sale. Whether you want to grow tomatoes and beans in your garden, or pumpkins and corn in the field, we have you covered. With our vegetable seed varieties, you can grow multiple types of the same produce or branch out and grow a wide variety of crops. We carry many vegetable seed types, including:

Within each vegetable family, we have seeds for different varieties. If you want to cultivate sweet or hot peppers, yellow squash or zucchini, herbs, root vegetables or greens, we have quality seeds for you. 

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Enjoy premium garden seeds that farmers purchase when you shop with Harris Seeds. We carry the highest quality seeds to help new and experienced gardeners succeed with each harvest. Buy vegetable seeds from Harris Seeds today!

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