This unusual vegetable deserves to be grown and appreciated more. Many people describe kohlrabi as a turnip growing on cabbage roots. The flavor is similar to both turnip and cabbage, but it is milder and sweeter.

Average Seed Count: 125 per packet; 8,500/Oz.

Quality Kohlrabi Seeds for Sale

At Harris Seeds, you receive access to the same seed that commercial and home growers trust. Our kohlrabi vegetable seeds:

  • Have high germination rates.
  • Are available in multiple varieties to suit your needs and preferences.
  • Have excellent resistance against bolting, Fusarium yellows, mildew and challenges that negatively impact other plants.

Types of Kohlrabi Seed Varieties We Offer

Whether you're a gardening enthusiast or a professional, you can count on us to meet your needs. We offer the following kohlrabi seeds:

  • Kohlrabi Winner F1: This hybrid variety is a gardener favorite, yielding light green bulbs and a refreshingly fruity flavor profile. Kohlrabi Winner F1 seeds are available in treated or untreated options.
  • Kohlrabi Kolibri F1: If you want the best purple kohlrabi, these organic fruits will deliver. Sweet, mild and robust, Kolibri F1 also has excellent holding capabilities. Enjoy bountiful, high-quality harvests time and time again.
  • Azur Star: Thanks to its bolting resistance, Azur Star performs well in open fields and heated greenhouses. This variety offers quick maturation, an attractive purple hue and crisp, juicy bulbs.

Buy Kohlrabi Seeds for Your Garden Today

Be ready for kohlrabi planting season! Growers like you have trusted Harris Seeds for quality seeds since 1879. Enjoy fair pricing, quick delivery times and fresh, homegrown fruits — from our garden to yours. Buy kohlrabi seeds today!

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