Reference and Growing Guides

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Vegetable Guides

Bedding Plant Cultural Guide (Vegetables/Herbs)
Cornell Crop & Pest Guidelines for Vegetables
Mashed Potato Squash Recipe Card
Post Harvest Handling of Vegetable Crops
Pumpkin Cultural Guide
Pumpkins - Edible Pie Pumpkin Listing
Pumpkin Growers Panel: Answering All Your Pumpkin Growing Questions (Webinar)
Solanaceae Technical Bulletin
Sweet Corn Genetic Type Compatibility & Isolation
Sweet Corn Growing Guide
Tomato Grafting Guide
Vegetable Bedding Plant Cultural Guide
Vegetable Disease Fact Sheets
Vegetable Plant Planting Guide
Vegetable Seed Planting Guide

Vegetable Quick Reference Charts

Bean Chart
Corn Chart
Cucumber Chart
Lettuce Chart
Melon Chart
Pepper Chart
Pepper (Hot) Scoville Rating Chart
Pumpkin Chart
Squash (Summer) Chart
Squash (Winter) Chart
Tomato Chart

Live Product Guides

2022 Fall Program Guide (Garlic, Onion Sets, Shallots)
Bareroot Cultural Guide
Bareroot Receiving Guide
Dahlia / Gladiolus / Lily Planting Guide
Dahlia / Gladiolus / Lily Receiving Guide
Garlic Planting Guide
Onion / Shallot / Leek / Potato / Sweet Potato Planting Guide
Onion / Shallot / Leek / Potato / Sweet Potato Receiving Guide

Flower Guides

Bedding Plant Cultural Guide (Complete)
Bedding Plant Cultural Guide (Annuals)
Bedding Plant Cultural Guide (Perennials)
Cut Flower Basics: How Vegetable Growers Can Get Started Growing Cut Flowers (Webinar)
Cut Flower Guide for Beginning Growers
Dahlia/Gladiolus/Lily Cultural Guide
Dahlia/Gladiolus/Lily Receiving Guide
Sunflower Quick Facts Chart
Wildflower Planting and Cultural Information

Organic Info

Harris Seeds Organic Certificate and Addendum

Growing Supply Guides

Drip Irrigation Brochure
Grow Light Types Chart

General Growing Guides and Articles

Cooperate Extension in Your State
# of Seeds Required Per Acre
Frost dates for your area
Garden Podcasts
Pests vs Beneficial Insects Chart
Plant hardiness zone by zip
Plants that may be harmful to pets

YouTube Video Tutorials

How To Start Flower and Vegetable Seeds Indoors
How To Grow Sprouts
How To Prune and Train Cucumbers
How To Use a Dial Hand Seeder
How To Use a Vibro Hand Seeder
How To Use a Hand Vacuum Seeder
How To Install Small Greenhouse Vents
Sprout Safety
The Benefits of Grow Lights