Sales Representatives

Are you a Home Gardener?
Our Customer Care agents and Product Specialists are happy to help with your gardening needs! Please call 800-544-7938 or use our online contact form.

Are you a Commercial Grower?
Your Harris Seeds Sales Representative is here to help with your professional growing needs. Find your rep below! 

No matter where you’re located in the U.S., the Harris Seeds sales team is ready to answer your questions. They will assist you with the selection of seeds, plants, and supplies that fit your climate, scale, and market. Your rep will provide customized service to fit your needs and help you to be as successful as possible. The entire Harris Seeds team is committed to providing friendly, courteous service and timely answers to your questions. 

Sales Team Map

Tom Lewandowski
New England  
(CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT)
Thomas Lewandowski
PH: 585.935.7021
508.517.0719 (call or text)

Mike Novakowski
New York (Finger Lakes & Western NY)
Northeast OH, Northwest PA
Mike Novakowski
PH: 585.935.7011 
585.354.8767 (call or text)

Daren Jensen
New York (Central & Eastern)
New Jersey

Daren Jensen
PH: 585.935.7023
585.754.6791 (call or text)

David Miller
(excluding Northwest PA)

David Miller
PH: 585.935.7022
585.754.5245 (call or text)

Josh Holland

Josh Holland
PH: 585.935.7047
757.407.5603 (call or text)

Joel Burris
(excluding Northeast OH)
Joel Burris
PH: 585.935.7036
585.784.0356 (call or text)

Marc Crews
(Excluding ID, OR, UT, WA)
Marc Crews
PH: 585.935.7093
585.754.4863 (call or text)

(ID, OR, UT, WA)
Melyssa Quigg
PH: 585.935.7070 
801.857.7894 (call or text)