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If you want to buy bulk seed at wholesale prices, you’ve come to the right place!

If you are looking to buy high quality, bulk seed at a discounted rate, continue reading. If you are interested in buying seed for resale, jump to this section

Please note: We can only ship within the United States and are unable to ship internationally.

Buy Bulk Seed at Wholesale Prices

Commercial growers who plan to grow their purchased vegetable and flower seed will benefit most from our discounting program, which is offered online and through our sales team. We offer multiple forms of discounting – based on size, quantity, and overall spend – for growers who need bulk seed.

Our bulk seed inventory includes hundreds of genera and thousands of varieties, including open pollinated and heirloom varieties, as well as outstanding customer service. 

Seed Discounts Based on Size and Quantity

Nearly all the varieties offered by Harris Seeds are available in large sizes at discounted rates. 

Seed cost for Pumpkin Gladiator, for example, reduces as package quantity increases. For a 25 seed packet, Gladiator runs around $0.40 per seed. In a 30,000 seed package, the price per seed reduces to less than $0.10, giving growers a 75% discount. 

Growers can also enjoy discounts when they buy multiple quantities of the same package size. Using The “Quantity Discounts Available” button on product pages, a chart will appear that shows discounts based on quantity. In the below example, growers would save an additional 5% on this variety when they buy two or more packages of 5,000 treated seeds. 

Quantity Discounts Chart


Seed Discounts Based on Spend

The more you spend, the more you save!

Growers spending more than $500 or more can save up to an additional 10% on their total seed and supplies order with Harris Seeds. (All discounts are based on individual order subtotals prior to shipping & handling charges and tax.) 

Discount Chart

Growers who pay when they order enjoy the highest discounts, but those on terms with Harris Seeds can also benefit from additional discounts.

When ordering online, the cash payment disount will be automatically applied to your cart once it reaches the $500+ threshhold. When placing an order with our sales team or over the phone, mention the discount you qualify for and our agents will apply it to your order. 

Buy Bulk Seed to Resell

Commercial seed companies, mail order catalog companies, packet companies, retail stores and garden center businesses turn to Garden Trends Wholesale, who offers a wide variety of wholesale vegetable seeds and flower seeds. 

Our Seed Breeders

We have been entrusted to offer high quality seeds from several companies within the seed industry for distribution within the United States; sorry no international sales.  Those products represent open pollinated and hybrid seeds from some of the leading breeding companies. We currently partner with Earthwork Seeds Inc., Harris Moran Seed Co. and Clause Vegetable Seeds. 

Our Customers

We enjoy special relationships with our customers throughout the industry, offering them bulk seed to sell in their catalogs or packet displays. We also offer our Harris Seeds brand seed line up to retailers throughout the country, included is our quality seeds in both bulk seeds for scoop sales and our prepacked sizes for home gardeners. 

Want to Become a Reseller?


For additional questions, please email us at wholesale@harrisseeds.com.