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With Proven Winners®, you get the time tested beauty and retail performance of one of the most successful plant brands in the industry. Proven Winners® are carefully chosen through a rigorous 2 - 3 year selection process at facilities in North America, plus trial locations around the world. Of Harris Seeds top plug & liner varieties, the majority are consistently Proven Winners! This is solid testimony of brand recognition and demand by both growers and consumers.

Early Order Discount - Orders placed before October 15th of the upcoming growing season (Pleasant View & Four Star) qualify for a 3% discount.

Why Order Proven Winners?
• Garden success... customer satisfaction!
• Adaptability across the country
• Recognizable product & packaging
• Proven Winner® brand support
• National Advertising
• Save 3% by ordering by October 15th (Pleasant View & Four Star)

Proven Winners® Combination Kits - Top selling varieties are put together to create popular mixed combos. The PW team trial hundreds of combos to create the best mixes with plants that play well together. 

Proven Winners® Annuals - Top selling series include Supertunia® Petunia, Superbells® Calibrachoa, Sweet Caroline Ipomoea, Superbena® Verbena and many more!

Proven Winners® Perennials - Top selling series include Dolce® Heuchera, Graceful Grasses®, and Nepeta Cat's. The top perennials are selected for both garden performance and production success. Add value to your bottom line with any of the following widely adapted Proven Winners perennials!

ColorChoice® Flowering Shrubs - Top selling genera include Buddleia, Hydrangea, Physocarpus, Rose, Spirea and Weigela. Shrubs play a vital role in landscaping. These woody perennials provide structure, visual interest, privacy, and traffic control. Offer them as specimen plants for the home landscape, or for corporate and civic beautification.

National Combos and Plant of the Year - Special coverage in the PW Gardener’s Idea Book, press releases, radio and print campaigns, social media efforts, and targeted video content have all successfully contributed towards creating a solid value proposition for growers and consumers alike. Enjoy sales success with proven combos or varieties and your happy customers will return for more! 


We’re excited to announce that all Proven Winners annuals will now be sold in the signature white branded container, joining all other Proven Winners plant programs, which have been sold in branded containers for years. When offered in the signature white branded container, all other Proven Winners product lines have experienced double-digit sales growth.

Pleasant View & Four Star Complete Package Easy as 1-2-3!
1) Determine your planting needs How many Proven Winners plugs/liners will you be using for single pot production?

2) Select size and quantity of containers (and when to receive them) Branded containers are optional for recipes and landscape use. Order by the case. Order in bulk for discounts and savings on continually rising plastic costs.

3) Customize the Tag Quantities Reduced ratios available for combos or landscape.

*Shuttle (carry) trays available upon request
*Prices do not include cost of containers this season
For available pots, pricing, and freight information, please refer to vendor price lists.

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3% Early Order Discount – Ends October 15! (Pleasant View and Four Star only)

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To Order:
Fill out the order form(s) and scan, e-mail, FAX (877-892-9197) or mail the completed pages to us, along with your billing information OR call us at (800) 544-7938 with your order.