You can grow cowpeas like you'd grow beans. Pods sit high on the plant and can be harvested early for fresh eating or allowed to reach full maturity and dry on the plant before harvesting. Pods can then be picked and shelled for an abundance of nutritious dried cowpeas, perfect for use in soups and other recipes. Allow cowpeas to dry completely before storing to prevent mold growth in storage. Cowpeas are a unique offering for late summer and fall market sales.

High-Quality Cowpea Seeds for Sale

At Harris Seeds, we make it easy to enjoy homegrown black-eyed peas. Browse our selection of treated cowpeas, which includes:

Benefits of Cowpea Seeds

Cowpeas are more than delicious. These creamy legumes also have many practical agricultural, health and culinary benefits, including:

  • Promoting weight loss, digestive health and heart health.
  • Being dense in nutrients like protein, fiber and iron.
  • Offering versatility in recipes like meats, soups and salads.
  • Being an excellent nitrogen source for your future fall crops.

Buy Cowpea Seeds in Bulk Today

Black-eyed peas grow best in late spring, so now's the best time to stock up! Thanks to our fair pricing and quick delivery times, Harris Seeds makes it easy to savor or sell this sweet Southern classic straight from your garden. We've helped growers enjoy bountiful harvests since 1879.

Are you ready to start planting? Buy your bulk cowpea seeds today!

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