Celery Seeds for Growing

Celery was used as a medicinal herb in ancient times. It is incredibly high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. These health benefits, combined with the fact that it has no calories, make celery a winning vegetable for the health-conscious consumer. Make sure you provide the plants with plenty of water, sun and rich, well-composted soil.

Whether you're enjoying a salad or a quick snack, the crunch of celery adds a refreshing, calorie-free twist to many recipes. Harris Seeds provides high-quality celery seeds for planting, from our garden to yours. We make it easy to enjoy flavorful homegrown veggies.

Buy High-Quality Celery Seeds

At Harris Seeds, we have the quality you need for a bountiful harvest. Our selection includes:

  • Tango organic seeds: Enjoy peace of mind and a refreshing flavor profile with our organic celery seeds. This self-blanching variety features tender stalks, impressive yields and an irresistible taste.
  • Tall Utah 52/70R Improved seeds: Characterized by compact growth and dark green stalks, our untreated seeds will make vibrant, healthy additions to your garden, produce stand and dinner table.

Order Your Celery Seeds Today

Now is the time to stock up on celery seeds. We've provided gardeners like you with premium seeds, fair pricing and fast turnaround times since 1879. Are you eager for that first bite of homegrown celery? Buy celery seeds for your garden today!

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