Customer Testimonials

"Hats off to the entire Harris team. Considering current supply chain and staffing challenges, you all do a superb job. Your web site team clearly communicates your products and makes ordering easy. Your packaging and distribution team gets the products to the customers in record time. Harris is my go-to supplier for seeds and I have never been disappointed. Thank you." - Roger B.

"We use Harris Seeds for their quality products and reliable partnership. When you’re farming you can’t chance delays etc. Harris has been amazing every season." - NG

"Whether ordering via Harris Seeds' website or ordering over the phone, I can look forward to consistency of customer service. If there is a question or some confusion, the staff is dependably prepared to assist me. They are knowledgeable, professional, courteous and enthusiastic to help, I have been using Harris Seeds since the 1970s." - Bernadette M.

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Your Trusted Seed Supplier Since 1879

Harris Seeds is your trusted seed distributor whether you are a home gardener or a professional grower and farmer. You can order our free seed catalogs to browse our extensive selection of seeds and supplies as well as see our tips for a successful harvest. Discover exciting new flower seed and vegetable seed varieties we are offering for the new season. Shop with us for the highest quality seeds coupled with excellent customer service.

Why Harris Seeds?

Experience the highest quality products and services when you purchase from Harris Seeds. As a reliable seed company, we have a long history of providing gardeners and farmers with quality flower and vegetable seeds. Our seeds have the highest germination rates, so growers new and experienced can achieve success.

At Harris Seeds, we care deeply about customers, which is why we ensure we have the best credit terms in the industry. Our grower-friendly terms fit your business needs. We offer our products at reasonable rates and have discount programs to help growers receive their seeds when they need them.

Your One-Stop Shop for Seeds for the Garden or Farm

Whether you need seeds or supplies, we have you covered for all your gardening and farming needs. We are a top vegetable and flower seed supplier for businesses across the United States. Our inventory includes a vast selection of vegetable seeds and flower seeds.

Many of our seeds are available in different forms, such as treated, untreated, raw, organic, pelleted and more. If you prefer cultivating organic crops, you'll be pleased with our wide selection of organic vegetable seeds and organic flower seeds.

While seeds are our specialty, we also carry a large selection of seed starting, gardening & growing supplies to help your plants stay healthy and grow well. If you need help growing some varieties or reducing energy and labor costs, we offer a Plug & Liner Program. You can receive the best quality young plants to increase your plant production.